Pasquali Microwave Systems manufactures microwave components and assemblies for application in systems of high precision and great reliability such as civil and military radars and, more in general, for applications in space, telecommunications and security sectors.
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Gruppo Pasquali has been working diligently over the least three years to develop and implement an internationalization plan for the US and North American markets. In preparation of this effort, Pasquali Microwave Systems was hosted by Alabama Department of Commerce, Small Business Liaison Offices of Alabama, Huntsville/Madison County Chamber, North Alabama International Trade Association, the Port of Huntsville and the Invention to Innovation Center (I2C) June 27th – 29th, 2022. The culmination of these meetings led to signing a partnering agreement with Fighter Link Solutions International and then an open house at the I2C on June 20th.
We are very excited to finally embark on this next chapter of the Company’s history, and look forward to forming long-standing partnerships” Roberto Lapini – CEO of Gruppo Pasquali.

Pasquali Microwave USA selects VOSB to Enter North American Markets

Huntsville, AL – June 21, 2023Gruppo Pasquali, has selected Fighter Link Solutions International to implement and execute its expansion plans into the United States and North American markets under Pasquali Microwave USA. This effort began more than four years ago with the establishment of Pasquali Microwave USA. After an initial period to understand the American market, it was decided that the state of Alabama would be the right starting point for Pasquali Microwave USA business. It was hosted by the Alabama Department of Commerce and several Alabama state agencies to discuss common projects and opportunities in the Aerospace, Defense & Space and Civil sectors located in Huntsville, Alabama.

The strategic collaboration between Fighter Link and Pasquali Microwave USA represents a significant milestone for both companies, marking their commitment to fostering international partnerships and expanding their reach in the defense and technology sectors. This partnership brings together the expertise, resources, and innovative capabilities of two leading small businesses poised to deliver groundbreaking solutions in high-tech manufacturing and equipment supply to meet the evolving demands of the Defense & Space industry.


Read a full report on the event on the FLSI site here.

About Fighter Link:
Fighter Link Solution International is a veteran-owned small business based in Huntsville, Alabama. Fighter Link focuses on delivering innovative solutions to the Defense & Space industry, specializing in fleet sustainment, IETM development, and Source Approval Requests.

NEW Corporate Video 12/2018 ed. – Microwave Components Manufacturing / EM Design and RF Test / Galvanic/Chemical Surface Treatments

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USA Division of Pasquali Group

Commercial offices for the United States market


About us:

Thanks to considerable knowledge and unique expertise in precision mechanics with microwave concepts, Pasquali Microwave USA with Pasquali Group designs and builds custom microwave components and assemblies according to specific… read more

Microwaves & RF magazine – July 2018 (page 16)

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Everything You Need in One Partner


Pasquali Group comprises five companies integrating their specialized skills to produce high quality microwave solutions to meet unique customers’ needs.

Microwave Components Manufacturing

Pasquali Microwave Systems is a 60+ year leading Italian manufacturer of high precision waveguide devices and assemblies, with unique expertise in combining precision mechanics with microwave concepts.

Development and manufacturing are aided by CAD/CAM systems interfacing with highly automated equipment. Whether large or small quantity production, all activities are executed in-house to meet delivery times and ensure quality control.

Pasquali Microwave Systems can promptly meet the demand for tailored products from 100 MHz to 50 GHz, ranging from single prototypes to full stock orders.

Advanced Composites Carbon Fiber Products

Vega Composites is a leading company in advanced composite carbon fiber products. Founded in 2003 by highly skilled technicians in the engineering industry, VEGA Composites is dedicated to the design and manufacture of composite structures, special steels, light alloys and titanium. Vega has over 10 years of collaboration with Leonardo-Finmeccanica group and with other important companies related to the defense sector. This has allowed VEGA Composites to be one of the most important technology suppliers in the defense and telecommunications industry.

RTW - Ride The Wave - logo

EM Design &
RF Test

An off-shoot company born from the University of Pisa, RTW is a R&D group with specialized competencies in microwave and electromagnetics engineering.

RTW provides advanced EM design and RF test services, focused on custom-designed microwave components and antennas with unique mechanical configurations and/or special electrical requirements.

RTW collaborates with customers in the development of special products for their applications.

Galvanic and Chemical Surface Treatment

Galvanica Pasquali provides surface treatments for defense, aerospace, electronics, and commercial metal productions. With over 30 years of experience, Galvanica Pasquali is an expert in galvanic processing of mechanical parts made of aluminum alloy and copper/brass alloys.

The following services include: 18K gold-plating, 24K gold-plating, silver-plating, chemical nickel-plating, electrolytic nickel-plating, copper-plating, tin coating, passivation, Alodine, painting, and more.

Processes implemented by Galvanica Pasquali are compliant with MIL standards for surface treatments.

Pasquali Microwave Systems is Bronze Partner of  “Workshop TIBERIO“.